Associate Professor Philip Armstrong - New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Associate Professor Philip Armstrongmoa skeleton

Research interests

  • Animals in the 18th, 19th and 20th century novel;
  • animals in New Zealand/Aotearoa literature and culture;
  • animals and postcolonialism;
  • animals and cultural studies.

Philip is a Co-Principal Investigator of the Marsden project "Kararehe: Animals in Art, Literature and Everyday Culture in Aotearoa New Zealand". His work for "Kararehe" involves researching representations of farm animals, and of cetacean species, in past and present New Zealand literature and popular culture. His most recent book is What Animals Mean in the Fiction of Modernity (Routledge 2008) which surveys representations of animals and human animal relations in well-known fictional texts from the 18th century onwards. In addition, Philip is the editor (with Laurence Simmons of Auckland University) of Knowing Animals (Brill, 2007), a collection of essays in the Human-Animal Studies series, edited by Ken Shapiro.

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