Current Postgraduate Research Projects - New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Current Postgraduate Research Students


Raj Skekhar Aich

Raj's PhD project is entitled Encountering white Sharks: Photographic Practice and the Affective Impacts of Cage Diving. He writes:

The southern most commercial White shark cage diving operations in the world takes place between Bluff and Stewart Island, New Zealand. My research explores the affective impact of these practices on the divers, and the significance of associated photographic practices. Cage diving facilitates a unique aquatic ‘contact zone’ where humans and sharks encounter each other, two species whose lives and living spaces are entangled within an assemblage of cultural, political, economic, and ecological forces in the region.  I explore this process of life making at the intersection of multiple beings and things- humans, sharks, boats, cages, environmental conditions, and the sociopolitical milieu. At the intersection of the anthropology of photography, multispecies ethnography, and the anthropology of conservation, this research will make a novel contribution to the field of human- shark relations.

Kirsty Dunn

Kirsty's PhD project focuses on nonhuman animals in Māori literature and culture.

Samantha Eason

Samantha's MA research concerns elephant volunteer tourism and social media in Thailand.

Yu-Ling Kung

Yu-Ling's PhD research concerns animals in graphic novels.

Sara Wagstaff

Sara's PhD entails a study of human-horse relationships.

Completed Postgraduate Research Projects

Sally Borrell, "Atwood's Animals: Triangular Identification in The Edible Woman, Surfacing and The Blind Assassin", MA thesis, University of Canterbury, 2005.

Kirsty Dunn, "Inherit the World, Devour the Earth: Representations of Western Meat Production and Consumption in Contemporary Fiction", MA thesis, University of Canterbury, 2015.

Annie Finnie, "Framing the Beast: Human-Animal Narratives in Selected Works by Janet Frame", MA thesis, University of Canterbury, 2010.

Sarah Fisk, "When Words Take Lives: The Role of Language in the Dehumanization and Devastation of Jews in the Holocaust", MA thesis, University of Canterbury, 2009.

Sorcia Forgan,"Reconsidering Meaning: Performing the Spaces between the UnNameable, Uncertainty and Signification", PhD thesis, University of Cantebrury, 2012.

Donelle Gadenne, "A Canine-Centric Critique of Selected Dog Narratives", MA thesis, University of Canterbury, 2015.

Andre Krebber,"Raising the Memory of Nature: Animals, Nonidentity and Enlightenment Thought", PhD thesis, University of Canterbury, 2015.

Jovian Parry, "The New Visibility of Slaughter in Popular Gastronomy", MA thesis, University of Canterbury, 2010.

Hadassa Prattley, "Defamiliarising the Zoo: Representations of Animal Captivity in Five Contemporary Novels", MA thesis, University of Canterbury, 2013.

Tanja Schwalm, "Animal Writing: Magical Realism and the Posthuman Other", PhD thesis, University of Canterbury, 2009.

Peter Ward, "Animals in the Fiction of John Irving and Haruki Murakami", MA thesis, University of Canterbury, 2012.

Mandala White, "From the Sublime to the Rebellious: Representations of Nature in the Urban Novels of a Contemporary New Zealand Author”, MA thesis, University of Canterbury, 2007.

Hamish Win, “The Lost Animal Saga”, PhD Thesis, University of Canterbury, 2013.