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Chickens in History, Culture and Everyday Life

Principle Investigator: Annie PottsChicken by Annie Potts


Annie has completed a book for the Reaktion Animal Series called Chicken, an illustrated natural and cultural history of Gallus gallus domesticus (pub. 2012).


Potts, A.K. and Forgan, S. (2013) 'Chicken Bestiary' in A. Rogers' and L.A. Watson's curated exhibition 'Uncooped: Deconstructing the Domestic Chicken'. National Museum of Animals and Society, Los Angeles, 11 May 2013 onwards (also online permanently). [Text and Charcoal Drawings]. 

 Journal articles and chapters in edited books:

Potts, A. and Armstrong, P. (2013) Picturing Cruelty: Chicken Advocacy and Visual Culture. In F. Probyn-Rapsey and J. Johnston (Ed.), Animal Death: 151-68. Sydney: Sydney University Press. 

Potts, A. (2012) The Joy of Chickens. In DeMello, M. (Ed.), Animals and Society: An Introduction to Human-Animal Studies: 56-59. New York: Columbia University Press. 

Potts, A. and Haraway, D. (2010) Kiwi chicken advocate talks with Californian dog companion. Feminism & Psychology 20(3): 318-336. (Journal Articles)


Potts, A. (2012) From Alectromancy to McNuggets: An Illustrated Cultural History of the Chicken. Sydney University: Animal Death, 12-13 Jun 2012. Invited Keynote. 

Potts, A.K. (2012) From reverence to ruination: Representations of Chickens and Poultry Farming in Contemporary and Activist Art. Milwaukee, WI, USA: Nonhuman: Conference of the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (SLSA), 27-30 Sep 2012. 

Potts, A. (2011) Gallus Graphicus: Representations of Chickens in Contemporary and Activist Art. Christchurch, New Zealand: Cultural Animals: A 'Minding Animals' International Pre-Conference Event, 27 Sep 2011. 

Potts, A. (2011) With Respect to Chickens. Auckland, New Zealand: 22nd New Zealand Companion Animal Council Conference (NZCAC), 31 Oct-1 Nov 2011. Keynote.


Potts, A. (2013) Susan M. Squier's 'Poultry Science/Chicken Culture'. Agricultural History 87(2) Book Review. 

Potts, A. (2012) Foreword. In Urban Chicks: Celebrating Backyard Chooks in the City: 5-6. Auckland: Renaissance.