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Dear Dairy: A Bicultural Analysis of Dairying Representations in Aotearoa New Zealand

This project is supported by a grant from the 2017 UC College of Arts Research Challenge funding round.

Taking a ‘human-animal studies’ approach, the researchers will focus on historical and contemporary representations of dairying in Aotearoa New Zealand as demonstrated in dairy industry advertising, local art and photography, and popular cultural depictions (fiction, children’s literature, TV series, films). In considering representations of Māori dairy farming alongside Pākehā ones, they will investigate how cultural differences might play out in contrasting conceptualisations of animals/ngā kararehe, and of the relationships amongst animals, people and environments.

The main outcomes will include 2-3 research articles in internationally refereed journals (co-written by Armstrong, Potts and Dunn); a number of conference papers to be presented at national and international conferences; an edited volume entitled Dear Dairy, and a symposium on the cultural history of dairy (hosted by the NZ Centre for Human-Animal Studies around mid-2017).

[image: Prabha Mallya]

Dear Dairy: The True Cost of Milk

A One Day Symposium organized by the New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies 

On Friday 21 July a free symposium on the New Zealand Dairy Industry was held at Dovedale Campus, featuring international speakers from Australia, USA, Sweden and India, as well as our own NZ scholars in this field. Download the programme here.